Discover Your Ability To Attract Your Ideal Prospects
The Accelerated Growth Scorecard is the first step to assess 
and quantify your business's ability to create meaningful opportunities and convert them into lifelong clients.  
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The Scorecard Process
Read through each of the five sections below and rate your firm 0 to 10 in the box to the left of each statement. 

For the ratings, “0” means this statement is not true for your firm at all while “10” indicates it is 100% completely true for your firm. 

Your information is kept completely confidential and will not be shared with a third-party.
Complete The Scorecard
For each of the five sections below, rate your firm 0 to 10 in the box to the left of each statement based on how true the statement is for your firm. 
Section 1: COLLECT
You Have Developed a Clear, Well-Defined Description of Your Target Prospects (Individual and/or Business) So You Can Consistently ACCESS the Right People. 
You have written a specific ideal client profile so you can develop a list and ensure your messaging is as relevant and compelling as possible.
Your practice has compiled a tiered prospect list of ideal, preferred, and acceptable prospects (minimum of 300-500 total prospects) to optimize your investment of time, effort, and money into your prospects.  
You have identified a Target 100 List of your most desired prospects so you can focus the majority of your direct outreach on those specific individuals/businesses.
Section 2: CONTACT
You Have Identified & Are Actively Using Multiple Media to Reach Out to Build AWARENESS Among Your Target Prospects.
You actively look for, learn about, and test potential new methods to better reach out to your desired prospects. 
You have identified and are actively using at least five strategies besides referrals that consistently create new opportunities for your practice (ex. LinkedIn, speaking, etc.).
You have established a healthy, positive position as an expert and thought leader in the minds of 80%+ of your universe of prospects.
Section 3: CULTIVATE
Your Practice Consistently Creates & Curates Content to Proactively Share with Your Target Prospects to Gain & Build Their ATTENTION
You have developed and are utilizing a clear strategic value proposition to proactively differentiate your firm and position yourself as THE preeminent option.
Each week (or at least monthly) you produce and deliver new, valuable insight and information to your prospect groups. 
You are integrating appropriate and compelling calls-to-action to collect contact information to segment your prospects into warm/hot lists for consistent follow-up.
Section 4: CONVERSE
You Are Able to Consistently Create ATTRACTION with Your Ideal Prospects By Engaging Them in a Meaningful Conversation with You. 
You have successfully set-up a process that automatically engages, qualifies, and encourages prospects to request a conversation with you.
You have tested and optimized your initial prospect meaningful conversation to ensure there is a high likelihood the prospect will continue moving into and through your sales process. 
Your practice consistently (each week/month) books its required number of appointments in order to achieve your personal and professional revenue growth goals.
Your Business Is Financially Strong & Stable & Able Operate On Its Own.
You have the freedom to be absent from your business for at least 4-6 weeks without clients or employees suffering due to your absence.
You actively measure and monitor the key performance indicators (ex. appt. rate, conversion rate, marketing ROI, etc.) at least monthly for your practice to help you make objective decisions. 
Your practice starts every month with enough recurring revenue to cover your baseline costs (100% of your operating expenses and salaries) AND you have 3-6 months of operating capital in savings to float the business if disaster struck.
Your information is kept completely confidential and it will not be shared with third-party.
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