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360-Degree Sales Effectiveness Scorecard
Simply read through each of the sections below and rate your firm 0 to 10 based on how true each statement is for your current situation. For the ratings, “0” means this statement is not true at all while “10” indicates it is 100% completely true. 

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Our organization is fully satisfied in our current ability to reduce and effectively control healthcare and insurance costs.
Our current health insurance plan allows us to recollect unused premium dollars.
Our organization is consistently producing a positive return on investment from our employee benefits and healthcare.
As a business, we have clear annual, quarterly, and monthly activity and sales goals set and written down that will (if achieved) yield the revenue desired.
Each of our sales team members has his/her own specific and written sales quota/goal and understands the metrics they are responsible for achieving.
Our business has a clear, compelling Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and point of differentiation that is consistently being communicated by our sales team. 


Our employees have instant online access to a healthcare concierge and access to vital primary care services included in their health plan.
Our health plan focuses more on maximizing health rather than on managing sickness.
We have measured and confirmed that our employees appreciate their healthcare program as a key positive factor in being a part of our organization.
We leverage a tested, efficient, and effective sales process that has clear delineated steps, and it is being followed like clockwork by our sales team.
We know our sales conversion rate and how long an average sale takes to complete, and we are currently completely satisfied with both.
Each member of our team uses the CRM system to effectively monitor and efficiently manage every client relationship and sales opportunity.


Our organization efficiently leverages technology to simplify, educate, and assist employees with benefits management and enrollment.
Our employees are actively engaged in managing their own health to produce better outcomes for themselves and the company.
We are leveraging a proven system to empower employees to maintain their health and lower healthcare claims. 
We have complete confidence we have the right people on our sales team and are certain in their ability to perform at the level we need and want.
Each member of our sales team is consistently (weekly) held accountable for both their results and activity based on clear key performance indicators (KPIs).
We provide our sales team consistent sales training and expert guidance to help them continue to enhance and improve their skills and results.


Company policies and processes are written correctly and are a tremendous help in reducing liability for our organization.
Managers and supervisors are trained on employment laws and compliance concerns so that we can protect and educate them on their personal liability in their roles.
Our systems stay constantly updated to prevent and reduce risk, allowing us to contain liability with less insurance requirements.
We have tested, optimized, and are confident in our current initial offering for a client including the pricing structure and the value we’re providing.
Our compensation structure for our sales team has been intentionally designed to balance our maximum profit with the maximum incentive for each person. 
Our business has ample capacity for new closed business and/or the ability to expand and scale our delivery capacity so as we grow, we continue to deliver high-quality products/services. 

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What do you perceive is the main reason(s) preventing your organization from reaching your desired level of success?

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