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Have you strategically diversified and optimized your portfolio based on your firm’s value proposition, your market, your client’s needs, and your capacity to deliver?
Does at least 30% of your portfolio consist of non-insurance products & services?
Do your non-insurance offerings generate at least 25% of your firm’s annual revenues?
Do you have a written “Ideal Client Profile” that identifies which prospects are most likely to become the most valuable long-term clients?
Do you currently have at least eight active and effective marketing/prospecting methods that consistently attract new accounts?
Is your sales pipeline as full of new account prospects as you want and need it to be at any given time?
Can you clearly and concisely describe the standardized consultative selling process that your producers use to convert prospects into clients?
Is your firm’s sales conversion rate (closing percentage) 50% or higher?
Does your firm generate at least 35% of its revenue from cross-selling efforts?
Have you automated, delegated and/or outsourced all lower-level activities in your firm to free up staff for higher-value activities?
Do you know on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis your firm’s key metrics, like annual client value, marketing ROI, and per-client acquisition cost?
Do you track your producers’ prospecting activities at least weekly and hold them accountable?
Are you willing and able to make reasonable investments of time, effort and money to grow your firm?
Are you open to implementing new ideas and strategies to improve and grow your firm?
Would you be open to potentially leveraging expertise outside of your firm to help achieve your objectives?
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